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Научные труды

Главное, что создает ученый - гуманитарий - это научный текст в виде книги, статьи, заметки или рецензии. 

Ученый может также выступать автором идеи, составителем и редактором коллективного труда или серийного издания. 

Отечественная тематика, т.е. изучение этнических и других...

Carnegie Papers

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Carnegie Papers
Carnegie Papers present new research by Endowment associates and their collaborators
from other institutions. The series includes new time-sensitive research and key excerpts
from larger works in progress. Comments from readers are most welcome; please reply to
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About the Author
Valery Tishkov has served as director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology,
Russian Academy of Sciences, since 1989. He is also director of the IEA Center for the
Study and Management of Conflicts, and serves as chairman of the Commission on Tolerance
and Freedom of Conscience of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. He is
a prolific writer, having published more than twenty books, including two encyclopedias on
Russian ethnicity. He is a member of the Public Chamber of Russia and the Global Commission
on International Migration.


Introduction 3
The Russian World as Humanitarian
Challenge and Political Project
Factors and Dynamics of the “Russian World” 10
The Old Russian World 15
Traditional Diaspora and Difficult Circumstances 18
Diaspora, Identity, and Ethnic Agglomerations 19
The Far Russian World of Today 21
Post-Soviet Diasporas in the Russian World 23
Russian Language and the Russian-Speaking
Population of the CIS and Baltic States
Return of the Russian Language 35
Crises of the New Russian World 37
Estonia and Latvia 37
Ukraine 40
Uzbekistan 42
Conclusion 46
Notes 49